Climate risk awareness is causing changes in consumption patterns and in the way we produce more efficient and less polluting goods and services.

Consultants with experience in markets and energy trends evolution, with skills to valuate business development cases and managing projects.

Consultores con experiencia en el mercado y en la evolución de las tendencias energéticas

Business opportunities in ENERGY TRENDS

Natural Gas, Renewable, Hydrogen, Lithium
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  • Market research and competitiveness analysis.
  • Portfolio projects and ranking selection.
  • Opportunities and key partners.
  • Strategy design and planning.
  • Business development cases.
  • Local and regional context, sectoral regulations, and regulatory frameworks.
  • Operational technical support in projects.

management in the transition to

Ciclo de vida y huella de carbono.
RSE. Responsabilidad social empresaria.
ESG. Enviroment, social, and governance.

Focus on:

  • Ad-hoc studies.
  • Decarbonization opportunities analysis.
  • Life Cycle and Carbon Footprint calculation.
  • Management indicators and baselines generation.
  • Sustainability documents and reports.
  • Energy efficiency.
Zero Emissions.

Jorge Peña

Executive Director of LiThron

Jorge Peña


He has analyzed business cases and developed strategies for the implementation of the LITHIUM value chain, achieving cooperation agreements for local and international companies.

He has worked in the natural gas and electricity market and has developed proposals frameworks, regulations, and expansion plans for regional private and public companies.

He has developed the strategy and supported renewable energy implementation plans of local companies.

He has worked in the preparation and reporting of sustainability for companies and organizations.

In the first part of 2021, he was technical secretary of the Argentine Hydrogen interministerial cabinet, where he prepared the HYDROGEN ROADMAP 2030 for the country.

For more than 30 years he has worked in Energy companies achieving his greatest experience in YPF S.A. Main responsibilities:
  • Strategy Director of the company.
  • Executive Director of Lithium project.
  • Director of Planning and long-term energy scenarios.
  • Management and Investment Committee member.
  • Planning and managing control department director.
  • PMO of strategic initiatives implementation.
  • Manager of strategy, planning and management control of natural gas and electricity business at RepsolYPF in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Brazil.
  • Head of financial planning of ASTRA group and EG3 S.A.
  • Former Member of the Board of Directors of companies such as YTEC, AESA and CENTRAL DOCK SUD.
  • Former President of YPF International and YPF Services.

He is regularly speaker as regional lithium market specialist for MBA programs of some American universities.

He has been leader in multidisciplinary projects coordinating work teams for the elaboration of strategies, business plans and implementation of initiative cases.

He has participated in the genesis of incentive plans and regulations for the energy development of Argentina.

He has generated proposals for infrastructure development, transformation of the productive sector and regulation of energy prices and tariffs, among others.

He has conducted the different service proposals linking with numerous operational references and investors.

He has been president of the Economic Study Commission of the Argentine Institute of Oil and Gas (IAPG) for many years.

He has been lecturer of financial administration de la Universidad de Buenos Aires.

At LiThron, we achieve, through a network of alliances, the integration of necessary key functions to develop business and manage projects.

Alliance Network

We complement our services with a network of alliances with professionals and companies specialized in project management and operational areas.
Empresarios saludándose.
  • Economists with in-depth knowledge of local and international macroeconomic realities who closely monitor energy markets and the evolution of sectoral trends.
  • Financial specialists for the management and access to capital through different instruments.
  • Legal resources specialized in both national and international energy business transactions.
  • Back-office:
    • Administration and finance.
    • People management.
    • Systems and Data Science, analytics.

Companies that make up our network

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